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spring vegetable garden

The gardening season is heating up and there’s lots of excitement rippling through the air as we spend time in our gardens digging, planting, watering and harvesting! For today’s blog post I wanted to fan the flames of this excitement (let’s get it really roaring!) by sharing with you some of my favorite gardens, and gardeners, of the past few weeks.

Gardening can be a solitary activity, but it’s way more fun when it’s a shared with a community of equally passionate gardeners. You can brag about your successes, cry about your failures, moan about the weather, and share your hard won secrets with others. There’s no better way to learn than sharing your triumphs and trials with other gardeners.

That’s exactly what we do every day in the Flavorful Life Garden Club. Have a peek below. (Want to join us? Registration is open right now. Check it out here.)  

Penny A. shared photos of the delicious and local dinner she was putting on her table that night: honey from her hives, herbs and spinach from her garden, and her favorite sourdough starter.

fresh herbs and vegetables from the garden

Heather H. treated us to a tour of her Florida backyard and shared that one of her goals this season is to make her garden more beautiful so she can confidently host more neighbors and friends in her yard.

backyard garden

Many members of the garden club have gotten excited about growing sweet potatoes this season. We’re sharing our progress, tips and successes with each other.

Janet W.’s new garden bed she’s prepping for sweet potatoes by adding sand and warming up the soil.

preparing a garden bed to plant sweet potatoes

Abeer B. is growing her own sweet potato slips and showing photos of their progress.

growing sweet potato plants at home

Sarah S. showed us a photo of the rustic obelisk she’s building for her garden.

rustic garden trellis

I often share a Garden Tip of the Day with members. Here’s one that got an immediate reaction from one of the members!

plucking off pepper flowers from plant

Bobbi F. is working on creating her homemade seed mats.

Community of Vegetable Gardeners

Most of the members, including Shirley D., are hardening off their seedlings in preparation for planting!

Garden learning community

Mary B. is getting organized with her planting calendar and garden binder!

Garden Community

We pick a recipe every few weeks and cook it together. We take a photo before we serve it to our families and post our reviews. Jenny C. made our last recipe after a long day working in the garden.

Garden Club Online

Tacy D. is celebrating her first year of starting seeds for her new garden!

Group Education Gardening

And, things were jumping over at the challenge group these past few weeks. Hundreds of gardeners from all over the country were participating in the daily activities.

Tammy R. was making most of us envious with her recent garden harvests in Southern CA! We wish we were there, too, Tammy!

photo of garden harvest tomatoes, sunflowers, cabbage, squash

Rhondi M. showed us her step by step process of getting rid of rock and debris in her soil.

how to sift soil to get rid of rocks and debris

After the day 3 challenge of creating permanent beds and paths in your garden, Louisa A. got to work using recycled wine bottles to outline one of her beds.

Garden Learning Group

After the Day 4’s Challenge to make a map of your garden, Alethea C. went out to her yard to lay out her brand new garden design.

garden map

We talked all about trellises on day 5 and Carol K. posted photos of a trellis she built out of copper wire.

copper garden trellis

Don’t garden alone this season! Surround yourself with passionate people who share your love of the gardening lifestyle so you can learn from each other as you grow. Join the Flavorful Life Garden Club today.

P.S. I’m hosting a live Facebook chat Sunday at 5 pm EST/4 pm CST/ 3 pm MST/ 2 pm PST/ 1 pm Alaska/ 12 noon Hawaii. Come on over to the challenge group at that time and ask me anything you want about your garden! If you can’t make it live, you can post your questions here. If you’re not already a member of the group just click Request to Join and I’ll approve you right away.

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    Hi Megan,

    What a fun post! I think most gardeners love to see what everyone else is doing, though we do get envious. I’m more of ornamental gardener but can really appreciate a homegrown tomato! This reminds me to sign up for our local CSA. Have a great week!

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