Gardens are for Dreaming


This is the time of year that many gardeners start to longingly look out the window at their gardens and imagine the colors and bounty to come.  I think all gardeners, especially in northern climates, start to get a little impatient in February and March.  Consider harnessing that impatience and turning it into creative action.  Late winter is a great time to think about garden design.  What things would you like to improve in your garden this season?  Have you been thinking of building a new fence or trellis, adding some art to your garden, or redesigning the bed layout? 

Spend some time this month looking through garden magazines, books, and online photos to gather inspiration for this season’s project.  The vegetable garden doesn’t just have to be a utilitarian space where you grow food; it can be a gorgeous and artistic part of your home landscape.  Pick one or two projects that will add function as well as aesthetic value to your garden.  Open an account on Pinterest or Houzz and collect photos in your account under different headings like Trellises, Fences, Garden Gates, Garden Art, etc.  Both sites also allow you to search for certain keywords and browse other people’s collections.  (You can follow The Creative Vegetable Gardener on Pinterest here.) Gardeners are visual people ~ so when you are feeling uninspired or just need some beautiful images to transport you into the summer gardening season, browse your saved photos for five minutes and feel your spirits lift a bit.

Here are some photos to get your inspiration started!

Garden Gates ~ Imagine walking through these gates into your garden.

Garden Dreaming1

Garden Dreaming2
Garden Trellises ~ The selection of designs online is amazing!
Garden Dreaming
Imagine sitting on this bench in one of these gardens…
qSNse-qUXTs-pXENr-Funky Floral Bench 742 x 705
And when you are done working in the garden you can have dinner featuring produce harvested from your garden in your screened-in gazebo under the trees…Happy dreaming!

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