Grow Your Money’s Worth

Get Your Money's Worth Out of Your Garden

Last November when I was at the Women’s Expo an attendee came up to my booth and said, “I always tell people that gardening is like growing money.” She went on to explain that her family is committed to eating organic food, but that it’s challenging with their limited budget. Once she started gardening she realized that by growing some of her own food she was saving a lot of the money she would otherwise spend at the grocery store.

Last spring I received an email from a community gardener in town wanting to hire me for a consultation. She and her husband were disappointed because they felt they weren’t growing enough food to “pay” for their plot. It didn’t seem worth their time and effort.

Readers of my blog have expressed similar feelings.

 “It seems that I have fun in the garden, but need to make better use of my space and crop without being so wasteful.”

 “When I first got started, I assumed that gardening would be a way to save money, but I’m finding that now I have a garden up and running, I’m still spending a lot on seedlings, compost, mulch, etc. What are some ways to save money when gardening?”

“After spending tons of money on equipment and seeds, it never comes close to breaking even.”

Trying to cut down on expenses while gardening is a way to get your money’s worth out of your garden. But for me, gardening is such a joyful part of my life that I allow myself to spend money on my garden when I want. Instead of pinching pennies I have chosen to focus on getting as much food as possible out of my garden each season. Increasing the production feels more fun and rewarding than creating a garden budget and tracking expenses. I spend money on my garden, but I get thousands of dollars of produce as a result.

I’ve talked about ways to get more food out of your garden throughout my blog these past few years. Because this is a concern I’ve heard over and over again from readers and clients I would like to create a resource to help you move towards making the most of your vegetable garden each season. I want to create something that addresses your biggest questions and concerns and teaches you what you want to know. I’d love your input in shaping this resource so I created a quick 5 question survey. You can fill it out on my website here. The survey closes in one week.

Getting your money’s worth out of your garden isn’t difficult, it just takes some strategic planning and understanding of specific tricks and techniques. In fact, once you’re in the groove of it you’ll elevate your garden experience to a whole other level of satisfaction and fun!

As a thank you for your time when you submit a survey you’ll be entered into a drawing for your choice of a free gift from my online store!



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