Early June in My Front Yard Garden: Video Tour

front yard vegetable garden

The awesome thing about having a front yard garden is that I get to interact with my neighbors on a daily basis. On many summer mornings I rise early and head out to my garden. I snap photos as the sun starts to hit the plants and veggies, pull a few weeds, and harvest anything I want to eat that day. I often get involved in a chore that’s on my list because I just can’t help myself – I love gardening so much!

All around me my neighbors are waking up, walking their dogs, taking a jog, or biking to work. I get lots of waves, honks, and greetings of “Good morning, Megan! The garden looks great.”

Sometimes I stop to chat or answer questions, at other times I just smile and wave. My garden (and this gardener!) are definitely on display, and I have to admit, it makes gardening more fun. Instead of toiling away in my back yard by myself, I feel like I’m surrounded by my community.

You’re a part of my community, too, so I wanted to invite you into my front yard for a tour of what’s happening in my garden this week. I film a lot of educational videos for my VIP learning community, the Flavorful Life Garden Club, which are more on the formal side as we run through a quick lesson around a certain topic.

But, sometimes I like to give the members an insider’s tour of my garden just for fun. These videos are for members only and are posted in our private Facebook group and in our video library in our virtual classroom.

This week, as a thank you for being an awesome member of my community and sharing the gardening journey with me, I wanted to share this week’s video with you. Enjoy!



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“The club makes gardening easy because you walk through all the steps with an experienced gardener and teacher. All those little questions that arise can be answered. It’s like having a kind guide looking over my shoulder, encouraging and guiding me along the way.” – Jenny Carr

“I was feeling overwhelmed about my garden this year. Your lessons make the process seem doable! I really appreciate your laid back, easiest method approach. I’m learning so much and having a lot of fun!” – Andrea Brockway


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