The Best Unique Garden Gifts For Passionate Gardeners

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The easiest people to have on your gift-buying list are those who have a clear obsession passion. You know who I’m talking about, those friends and relatives who are totally in love with a particular hobby, theme, or pastime. Zealous coffee drinkers, fervent cat people, adventurous world travelers, and… (my personal favorite) impassioned gardeners. You know what they care deeply about in this world, and you love them dearly for it. 

We gardeners can be a little intense about our gardens. As soon as the garden season is over we’re already curled up in our cozy reading chairs salivating over the seed catalogs and counting down the days until spring.

That’s why gardeners are one of the easiest groups of people to buy gifts for! We love anything and everything that reminds us of our favorite pastime – vegetables, flowers, nature, insects, chickens, bees, butterflies. 

Recently, I looked around my house at all of the amazing garden-themed items I’ve bought myself over the years and realized that many of them would make unique garden gifts for other gardeners as well. So, if you have a dear friend in your life who’d adore an unusual garden gift, here are my absolute favorites.

I own and use the things on this list in my own home and garden. Many of them are handmade by artists and makers and most of them are made in the US. 

And, I highly encourage you to add as many as you want to your own birthday, holiday, treat-yourself-someday wish list!

The Best Unique Garden Gifts For Passionate Gardeners

Vegetable Garden Flags

These vegetable themed flags are hand-printed by an artist in Seattle, WA. They can be hung inside the house to brighten up a dark corner or strung along a garden arbor or fence outside in your yard. I love mine so much I brought them along on my 12-month sabbatical where they lived over the dinette in our travel trailer and cheerfully reminded me of my garden every day. You can also choose from a few other designs like flowers, chickens and bees.

Vegetable Garden Flags by Windsparrow Studio

View all of the options here.

vegetable garden flags for a unique gift


vegetable garden flags as a gift

Gazing out at the Grand Teton mountain range from the dinette of our travel trailer.

Fruits & Vegetables Prints

This pair of prints of original illustrations celebrate the summer garden and farmers market season. I actually bought all four seasons for my house I loved them so much. They’re made by a designer/illustrator from Minneapolis and all of their paper products are printed locally on 100% post-consumer waste paper and assembled by hand in their studio. They also use a minimal amount of packaging for shipping. 

She also has super cute cards, puzzles, and tea towels with yoga, wine, and beer themes. Check out all of the options here.

Click the link or photo below to find out more! 

Fruits and Vegetables Print by Redcruiser

vegetable garden prints for gifts

White Oak Leaf Doorbell

A few summers ago I spent many months updating the color of our house siding from 60’s mint green to a more modern slate gray. It was a big job and in between long stretches of painting I had to take breaks to do fun things like order and install a new doorbell to accent my new house color. After searching Etsy for awhile I settled on the solid red version of this oak leaf doorbell. It’s just the pop of color I wanted for the entrance to our cozy home. Made by an artist in New Hampshire.

Her shop also features other types of leaves like sycamore and maple, butterflies, and seashells. Any of these would be a unique garden gift for a new homeowner!

White Oak Leaf Doorbell by Stoneleaf Doorbell Shop

Check out all of her doorbell options here.

gifts for vegetable gardeners


The Best Garden Trowel Ever!

Wow! There are so many different trowels out there and I’ve tried many of them. During my garage cleaning frenzy recently I got rid of every single trowel I owned except for this one. It’s the best, hands down. I will never buy another trowel again. And in fact, I’ve had this one for over 10 years and it’s holding up great.

I like that its stainless steel and not plastic. I prefer a more narrow trowel instead of the wide models. The red handle makes it easy to find in the garden when I inadvertently put it down somewhere random. I use it for everything from planting seedlings in spring to planting flower bulbs in fall. Made in the US.

Click the image below for more info.

best garden trowel giftUsing my favorite trowel to plant kale!


Felco Hand Pruners

For tasks as diverse as cutting the roots from onions and garlic, to harvesting eggplant, to trimming back perennial plants, the other indispensable tool I use in my garden every single day is my pair of Felco hand pruners. They basically live in my back pocket when I’m working in the garden!

All Felco tools are very high-quality and made of aluminum and steel in Switzerland. They have a lifetime guarantee and all parts can be replaced.

Find out more by clicking on the image.


Bucket Caddy

How many times do you run back to your garage or garden shed to grab a tool you forgot? For me, it used to be something like… a million times a day?! Now I have this nifty bucket caddy that stores all of my small garden tools like my trowel, measuring tape, clippers, sharpies, and twine. I just grab the whole thing when I head out into the garden and now I make way fewer trips back to the garage. I also treated myself to a new black bucket to hold the caddy.

Find out more by clicking on the image.


Market Bag

Unlike most of the ugly, utilitarian shopping bags I have sitting in my closet, this is the bag I choose when I want to look cute walking around the farmers market. I’ve had a smaller version of this bag in a different print for many years. (In fact, I think it’s time to buy a new one!) This woman-owned company from South Africa features lots of nature-inspired designs, so take a peek around the shop for some other stylish home decor like pillows, aprons, and tea towels.

Alexander Sack by Skinny Laminx

See everything in their shop here.

market bag gift for gardener

Lettuce Turn Up the Beet

If you love quirky t-shirts that use a play on words then this brand is for you! I’m pretty sure you’ll be getting lots of chuckles as you walk down the streets of your town. I have a shirt with a similar message and I often get compliments from random strangers, “I love your shirt!” They have lots of different styles and colors for kids and adults. Made in NYC.

Lettuce Turn Up the Beet T-shirt by LTTB

Shop all styles- kids, men’s, women’s

vegetable garden t-shirt gift

Grow Food Poster

This print was featured on the cover of Organic Gardening Magazine in 2013. I ordered it along with a few others from this studio to create a little vignette in my house to celebrate my love of gardening. Their designs are inspired by the victory garden posters from the 1940’s. Check out their shop to find signs, cards, patches, and more.

Grow Food Poster by Wirtheim Design Studio

gifts for organic gardeners

 Wildflower Heart Art Print

When the weather turns cold and gray outside you can still be surrounded by the colorful vibrance of your garden if you choose decor that reflects your favorite hobby. Garden art, coupled with a huge amount of houseplants, keeps me from succumbing to garden withdrawal during the long, cold Wisconsin winter.

If your favorite gardening friend is a flower gardener, a unique garden gift for her would be one of these bright and vibrant prints from Katie Daisy, an artist in the Pacific Northwest. She also has notepads, canvas prints, books and calendars.

Wildflower Heart Art Print by Katie Daisy

Browse her entire storefront here.

wildflower print for garden gift

Unique Garden Gifts on My Personal Wishlist

As I was browsing around Esty this week I couldn’t help but discover some gifts I was inspired to add to my personal wish list. Here are a few of my favorites, which would also fall under the category of unique garden gifts for your favorite person!

Midcentury Modern Planter Boxes

Dear Husband: I hope you read this blog post and purchase these planter boxes for my upcoming birthday. Love, Me

Midcentury Planter Boxes by Midcentury Woodshop

See everything in their shop here.

gifts for gardeners

Stainless Steel Garden Markers

I’m not a big fan of plastic in the garden, so these metal garden markers caught my eye. They won’t be degraded by the sun and rain and should last forever!

Stainless Steel Garden Markers by Burnett Metal Art

Find out more about all of their metal garden art here.

garden marker gifts

Garden Greeting Cards

Even though electronic communication has replaced the good old-fashioned tradition of letter writing I still try to send a few birthday cards to friends around the country each year. What better theme than vegetables? These would also make an eye-catching small gallery wall in your kitchen.

Garden Greeting Cards by Pioneer House

They have a lot of pretty botanical prints here.

card gifts for gardeners

Metal Raised Garden Bed

The raised garden beds in my front yard are constructed of wood, but I’ve always wanted to try a bed made out of metal. If you’re looking for a garden bed that will last for a very long time, or a gift for a beginning garden who wants to try out raised bed gardening, I think this might be exactly what you want to order!

Metal Raised Garden Bed by Creative Textures Shop

metal raised garden bed

Vintage Style Vegetable Sign

How cute are these? The would make a fabulous addition to a garage, patio, or deck that is adjacent to a vegetable garden. I want all three!

Vintage Vegetable Sign by Haven America

They have a great selection of signs here.

vegetable sign garden gift

I hope this list of unusual garden gifts has gotten your creative gift giving juices flowing! It’s easy to run out to the local big box store and grab a generic garden gift. But, taking the time to search out artistic, handmade garden gifts allows you to support a real person (instead of a faceless, nameless corporation) and impress the recipient with your thoughtful and meaningful gift.

You can browse my entire collection of favorite unique garden gifts on Etsy here.

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    I love these ideas of unique gifts. My favorites are the garden markers and the comical t-shirt. Thank you for adding the links on where to find the items as well.

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    Wow, this ‘garden flag’ is amazing! I have never thought about it but it really looks so nice. I have to make one for my own, definitely! I think that it is also a lot of fun while making it so it is good to engage grandchildren or children of our own. What I would love to get now are seeds of something unusual like for example egyptian cucumber (like this one ). I saw this unique variety yesterday and I would love to recive such gift!

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